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Andrew Alston set up Norfolk Farm Management in 1995 with the aim of providing farmers with a cost effective management and consultancy service.


Farm reviews and policy advice.

NFM has excellent local knowledge and can advise clients on future farming policy in order to achieve maximum profitability.

Farm Management

Norfolk Farm Management can offer farmers and landowners a total farm management package, tailor made to suit the individual farm.

Basic Payment Scheme and Stewardship

Norfolk Farm Management can advise farmers on BPS and on how to enhance the farm's subsidies with Stewardship agreements as well as using Stewardship schemes to conform to cross compliance measures. We have a team dedicated to Mid and Higher Level Stewardship.

Computerised accounts

Norfolk Farm Management runs a fully computerised accounts system using the latest software. Also available are computerised cashflows and crop recording systems.

Financial Control and Cashflows

Norfolk Farm Management believes that every farm should look into the future and have a financial plan of at least one year. This is then monitored against actual performance enabling early detection of financial poroblems.


Norfolk Farm Management is well placed to offer advice on attracting additional income to the farm.

Labour and machinery sharing syndicates.

Now that subsidies are decoupled, the efficient businesses are begining to "decouple" their fixed costs from their business to produce a leaner business structure. We can help farmers set up machinery and labour syndicates.

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